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Here We Are...

Welcome to our new & improved site. I know I know, it's about damn time right? Much love to my lady for bugging me over these last few years ( yes folks, I'm stubborn as hell) to create it! With the new year upon us though, I thought this would be the perfect time when I finally take the plunge & create something easier on the eyes and optimized for all devices.

Jokes aside, When it comes to blogging, it can be very time-consuming. I wish I had the time for daily or weekly updates (like I did years back) but I'm not quite there yet so the occasional monthly post will have to suffice for now. I will still keep our old blog up & running for reference and to aid your boredom, but this will be our new home for all announcements going forward.

Now that this site's finally live, time to switch over in to plotting out 2018's releases!

Thank you for reading, now let me kick 2018 straight in the nuts!

Talk soon(ish),


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